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Doing the right thing when it matters. Honest, Respect & Commitment.
No man left behind.


As a former Marine, I have a unique perspective on the state of the military and the issues that our service members face. I was recently made aware of a trend of “stolen valor,” where people falsely claim to have served in the military in order to receive benefits or discounts. While I can understand why someone might be tempted to do this, it is a huge disrespect to those of us who have actually served. It devalues our service and casts doubt on the character of those who have earned the title of veteran.

I am also concerned about the current state of the military with regards to “wokeness.” There is a growing trend of political correctness that is infiltrating the ranks and impacting morale. Our service members are being told to be careful about what they say and do in order to avoid offending anyone. This is not what I signed up for when I joined the Marines. We are supposed to be a tough and disciplined fighting force, not a bunch of delicate snowflakes.

Military commentary should be direct and straightforward, without worrying about offending anyone. We need to focus on being the best fighting force in the world, and that starts with having honest conversations about the issues we are facing.